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    [1927 - 2019] Records of Faculties and Sections of the College
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    GB 2087 RCPSYCH/L
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    1927 - 2019
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    This record collection comprises documentation belonging to the following Faculties and Sections: Academic Faculty, Child and Adolescent Pschiatry Faculty, Forensic Psychiatry Faculty, General and Community Psychiatry Faculty, Learning Disability Faculty, Liaison Psychiatry Section, Old Age Psychiatry Faculty, Psychotherapy Faculty, Rehabilitation and Social Psychiatry Faculty, Research and Clinical Section, Substance Misuse Faculty, Medical Psychotherapy Faculty, Neuropsychiatry Section and Intellectual Disability Faculty.
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    47 boxes and 36 digital folders [See each Faculty for the description of its digital content]
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    After World War II when the Royal Medico-Psychological Association realised that more of its memebers were now being employed in different fields of psychiatry, it decided to create specialist Sections. The first four Sections to be created were: Research and Clinical Studies, Social Psychiatry, Mental Deficiency, and Child Psychiatry. A Research Committee was established in 1914 and a Standing Research and Clinical Committee in 1927. It had sub-committees in actinotherapy, bacteriology and biochemistry, clinical psychiatry, and glossary, epidemic encephalis, general paresis, infectious diseases, mental deficiency, pathology, psychotherapy and psychopathology, and study tours, In 1932 the actinotherapy, general paresis, epidemic encephalis sub-committees merged to form the Clinical Psychiatry Sub-Committee. In 1933 a Sections Committee was established, resulting in the Research and Clinical, Mental Deficiency, Child Psychiatry and Social Psychiatry Sections being established. Old age psychiatry is one of the recently established specialities in psychiatry. A College Group for the Psychiatry of Old Age first met in 1973. Another speciality to emerge during this period was the Dependence/Addiction Group in 1978. This later became the Faculty of Substance Misuse in 1997, changing its name to the Addictions Faculty in 2006.
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